We aim to offer a friendly and flexible approach.  Please read through all of our terms & conditions, which are designed to ensure there is no confusion about what our services includes and excludes and to ensure safe transit of your goods. On placing a booking, you the customer, agree to these Terms & Conditions with no exception.  If there is anything which you do not understand or would like to discuss, please contact us and we will be happy to chat through the details with you.

Welcome to Mason Moves Bristol and thanks for visiting. By accessing our site, and purchasing our services, you are agreeing to these terms. So please read them carefully.

We aim to offer a friendly and flexible approach.  Please read through all of our terms & conditions, which are designed to ensure there is no confusion about what our services includes and excludes and to ensure safe transit of your goods. On placing a booking, you the customer, agree to these Terms & Conditions with no exception.  If there is anything which you do not understand or would like to discuss, please contact us and we will be happy to chat through the details with you.

Where we use the words ‘You’ or ‘Your’ it means the customer. ‘We’, ‘Us’, ‘Team” or ‘Our’ means Mason Moves Bristol Limited.


Unless otherwise stated the quote is not a fixed price. In the event of a quote being given as an hourly rate, fees are charged from when we leave our site until we complete unloading.  If it is outside of our coverage area within 20 miles of Bristol / Bath, we charge back to our site which is in Fishponds, Bristol. Day rates are up to 8 hours only (unless agreed with the team). For all services a maximum of 12 full driving hours is permitted in one day.

Fees will be changed if:

  1. The service is not carried out or completed within three months due to your delay
  2. Our costs change because of currency fluctuations or changes in taxation or disposal charges beyond our control

  3. We have to collect waste from floors higher than those agreed, in writing, at the time of booking

  4. We have to collect or deliver goods to floors higher than those agreed, in writing, at the time of booking
  5. Additional services, including moving or storing extra goods, are supplied by us (these conditions will also apply to these services)

  6. Any parking fees, fines (unless unreasonably incurred) or other charges that we have to pay in order to carry out services on your behalf

  7. Events outside our reasonable control cause delays

  8. We agree in writing to increase our limit of liability.  In all the above circumstances, you will pay a charge adjusted accordingly

Changes to the amount/Number of items

We estimate the time and charges based on information received, extra charges may be incurred if the actual amount on the day exceeds the amount of items which were included in your quote, a couple of boxes more would not normally cause an issue, however if you have underestimated your items by more than this our team will charge you our normal hourly rate (check pricing details). If you have grossly underestimated or have been misleading about the amount, size or type of items you have, we may not have time to move all of your belongings due to the time scale allocated at time of booking.  Additional charges will apply for further services required to complete the job.


  1. Our vans are booked out for a minimum of 2 hours

  2. The half day booking must be paid in full before the date of the service. Any additional hours are due immediately upon completion of work

  3. Our services to cities outside of Bristol / Bath will be charged for the mileage to travel to destination and back to our base in Bristol

  4. Our services carried out over long distance and Europe are priced per job by contacting Mason Moves Bristol Limited

Higher Fees

We reserve the right to charge a higher fee for work carried out on weekends, bank holidays and unsociable hours


All bookings are accepted in good faith and confirmation of bookings will be issued.  Written terms and conditions are available on request. 


  1. A deposit is required before any official booking is confirmed. This sum is a minimum of 50% per booking and is non refundable to secure your date. Dates can not be reserved unless a deposit is made and is on a first come first served basis.

  2. If you change the date of the booking after it is already confirmed, the deposit may lost and another deposit may be required to secure the new date (see cancellation policy).

  3. We reserve the right to change or cancel any bookings..


  1. If you cancel within the final 7 days of the booking date you will be charged 50% of the fee.  If you cancel within 48 hours of the date of the booking you will be charged the value of the booking in full.

  2. We reserve the right to cancel the service if there is inadequate access preventing free movement of the goods without mechanical equipment or structural alteration, or the approach, road or drive prevents our vehicles and/or containers to load and/or unload within 20 metres of the doorway.


  1. Full payment must be paid on completion of the work. Payment for additional hours and/or services must also be met in full upon job completion. Any other kind of payment must be agreed on in advance.

  2. We regret that cheques are no longer acceptable, but welcome you to pay via bank transfer or cash.


Should we request payment via invoice all invoices must be paid in full within 7 days of issue date unless an agreement is made in writing with you before work proceeds. We reserve the right to charge administrative fees for late invoice payments

Late Payment Fees

Any invoice or payment outstanding will incur the following charges from invoice total;
a) More than 7 working days - 10% charge
b) More than 14 working days - 20% charge
c) More than 21 working days - 30% charge 

If no response from telephone or email, a £25 admin charge will incur per debt letter posted

Removal / Delivery Services

  1. We only dismantle furniture if pre-agreed 

  2. Vinyl flooring is not covered by our insurance in moving any appliances. 

  3. We do not:

    1. Disconnect or reconnect appliances, fixtures, fittings or electrical equipment. 

    2. Take up or lay fitted floor coverings. 

    3. Move storage heaters (unless previously dismantled). 

    4. Move items from a loft unless pre-agreed. 

    5. Move plants unless pre-agreed. 

    6. Move or store any terms excluded under clause 12

Non-submission of certain goods for removal 

The following items are excluded from this contract: 

  1. Jewellery, watches, trinkets, precious stones or metals, money, deeds, securities, stamps, coins or goods or collections of any similar kind

  2. Items, which have potential to damage, explode or are dangerous including gas bottles, aerosols, paints, firearms and ammunition

  3. Prohibited or stolen goods

  4. Controlled drugs

  5. Plants or goods which may be likely to encourage vermin, pests or cause infestation

  6. Foodstuffs or liquids

  7. Any pets or animals (including reptiles, fish and birds) whether in cage, tank or animal carrier

  8. Goods, which require government permission or licence for export or import      

  9. Any of the above-listed goods will not be removed by us. If these goods are removed, we will not accept liability for loss or damage wholly or mainly attributable to the special nature of the goods concerned. 

  10. If such goods are removed without our knowledge and prior written consent we will not be liable for any loss or damage and you will indemnify us against any charges, expenses, damages or penalties claimed against us. Furthermore, we would have the right to dispose of goods which are listed without notice.

The goods

You declare, upon booking the service, that: 

  1. All goods to be removed and / or stored are your own property or

  2. you have been given the authority to make this contract by the person(s) who own or have an interest in the goods and that they have been made aware of these conditions. You will meet any claims for damages and / or costs against us if these statements are not true.

Arrival / Delivery Times

Mason Moves Bristol Limited will do their best to arrive at the times quoted, however arrival times are estimated. Delays are sometimes unavoidable (due to traffic accidents, weather, job overrun etc). We will contact you if our team are going to be early/late via the contact number you provided at the time of booking.  We do not accept responsibility for any customer loses due to out of our control delays.

Jobs in Progress

It is your responsibility to ensure either you or a third party are present during the service to guarantee the correct items are moved from the premises and delivered to their rightful place at the new address. We do not accept responsibility for any items mistakenly taken, left behind or moved to the wrong place due to the absence of the customer or customer representative

Packing & Assembly

  1. It's your responsibility to pack everything properly and ensure any furniture or items are protected accordingly (i.e. bubble wrapped vases, lamps, table tops, dining chairs, flat packed furniture and so on). We do not accept responsibility for damage or breakage caused by poor packing or inappropriate protection

  2. It's your responsibility to dismantle before our arrival any unit, system, furniture and beds, unless a packing service has already been negotiated with us

  3. If any unit, system, furniture and beds requires us to dismantle before transportation, it's your responsibility to reassemble at the destination unless otherwise negotiated with us

  4. It's your responsibility to keep safe any screws, bolts, fixings etc. We do not accept responsibility for any missing fixtures and fittings


Providing adequate parking is your responsibility, and if there are restrictions e.g. yellow lines, red routes, residents only parking, you must provide a permit from the local council.  If this is not possible please be honest and say where the closest legal parking is available e.g.: 50 yards, 100 yards etc. This may cost a little more but it is much better for you and our team if it is known in advance, if parking is allowed, try to reserve a space for the van outside the premises before the team arrives. If there is no parking pre -arranged any parking fines which are received will be your responsibility and must be paid by you on completion.  Our team will not knowingly park illegally.


When you give permission for us to drive onto your driveway, it is on the understanding that this is at your own risk. Failure to advise or notify us of any potential weaknesses will absolve us from any claims for compensation resulting from damage to said driveway.

Size of Items

It's your responsibility to make sure that all items will fit into the new premises. (e.g. wardrobe, bed, sofa etc.) We are not insured for removing any doors or making new entrances to the premises


It is your responsibility to ensure that all carpets, wallpaper, woodwork etc. is appropriately protected prior to the removal of your items. We do not accept responsibility for any damage to decorating, flooring etc. due to inappropriate or lack of protection methods

Delays & Waiting Times

If any delay is caused by you ( e.g. everything is not packed, waiting for keys, incorrect address, etc. ) we reserve the right to add an extra cost to the final bill to cover loss of earnings on next job bookings.

Waiting time will be charged at our normal hourly rate (check pricing details)

Waiting time includes; key collection, contract signing, your late arrival, items not ready to load, you aren’t present at either end or any time when loading/unloading is not taking place or any other delays.


  1. All goods in transit are insured for £10,000. Any claim which exceeds this amount is non-refundable

  2. We do not accept responsibility for damaged or lost property after job is complete and payment is completed

Loading and Unloading

  1. Our team will do the loading/unloading for you and they will put items into the room of your choice if required.

  2. Standard terms do not include packing or unpacking boxes of items but this can be pre-arranged. 

Traveling in the Van

Mason Moves Bristol Limited offers ‘Full Hire and Reward Insurance’. This means that it is permissible by law for you to accompany the team while they deliver your goods. Our vans have two passenger seats, which you are welcome to occupy (unless there are two team members booked, who will in that case, occupy the additional seat meaning only one seat will be available in the van) while your goods are being transferred.

Health and safety

We take health and safety extremely seriously and do not carry out any work which will put anyone at risk (team members, customers or the public).  You are obliged to inform us of any adverse or unusual risks, and that the following is adhered to:

  1. Routes are clear to and from rooms and parking areas
  2. Goods are packed securely, in sturdy boxes and weigh no more than 20kg per item

  3. Items are as close to the properly as possible

  4. Rooms and outside areas are well lit

Claim timeline

You must report any damages to your goods while our team is with you so that they can log a complaint and take photographs to establish the breakages. We will not accept responsibility for damages discovered after our team has left the drop destination.


An independent arbitrator may be appointed in the case of unresolved disputes. Any costs incurred due to this process will depend on the discretion of the Arbitrator.

Staff Abuse

Verbal or threatening behaviour will not be tolerated. If our team are forced to leave the job because of abuse verbal or otherwise you will still be liable to pay in full.