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Home Move - The Art of Decluttering

Are you one of the millions of people who have been caught up in the decluttering craze sparked by the new Netflix series “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo”? According to the BBC, charity shops are reporting a surge in donations since the series launched at the start of January. To some people decluttering is cathartic, and to others it is a chore they cannot face, or actually they want to keep hold of items “just in case”. Whichever one you are, there is some real merit to knuckling down and sorting through your stuff. Marie Kondo believes tidying can change lives in a positive way, and “spark joy”. At the end of every episode there are happy, joyful faces, however here at Mason Moves Bristol we like to think of it as a money saving exercise if you are on the move. The less you need to pack, the less boxes you have, the smaller your move, and therefore the less time you may need to book us for, saving you cash during a time when there is so much expense. Here at Mason Moves Bristol we are all about saving you money.

The “Konmari Method” of decluttering advocated in the Netflix series is certainly very time consuming (as Mrs Mason found out recently!!!), but if you are considering moving home and the idea of packing is making your head hurt, then doing a little decluttering isn’t going to consume your life if you tackle it “little and often”. Here are some (non Marie Kondo) hints:

For each room have 4 boxes:

Keep - these are items you want to keep and put away / pack

Recycle - put them in your recycling bin, or take to the tip (and don’t forget Mason Moves Bristol can do this for you - check out our waste removal service here!)

Donate - anything for the charity shop should go into this box

Bin - general waste


Look through your food cupboards and throw away any out of date food, or donate anything which is still good to eat but you know you won't use. You can find where to donate here:

Stock check your freezer, has anything been in there 3+ months and will you use it?

Get rid of gadgets, pots and pans you no longer use - charity shops love these, and some take electrical items

Recycle plastic bags at your local supermarket. They are bad for the environment, and reusable bags are much more cost effective

Living Room

Do you need all of those CD’s, videos, and DVD’s, or have you moved into the digital age of downloading and streaming? Check out websites like Music Magpie where you can sell CD’s and DVD’s if you no longer use them. VHS video’s are more tricky as they can’t be recycled or sold, so try donating to charity shops or libraries

Sort through all of your electrical equipment. Do you still use it? Do you have a gadget for every remote control you have?! Donate electrical items to charity or sell them


Charity shop bag in hand, sort through your clothes and question whether you need items which you’ve not worn for a year or more. And if the clothes don’t fit, get rid!

Sort jewellery - do you have matching earrings? If not bin/recycle the odd ones out. Untangle all of the necklaces so you can see what you have, and decide what to keep

Do you still wear the novelty tie you were bought for Christmas? Do you use all of your belts? It the answer is "no", then donate them


Safely dispose of out of date medicines. This can be done by dropping them off at your local pharmacy. Take a look at the RecycleNow website for more information

Look through your toiletries and make-up and check whether they have been open for longer than is recommended (check the little logo on the side which tells you how many months it's good for after opening). You can also do the “sniff test”, make up often smells a bit musty if it’s been open for too long.


Home Office

Sort through your paperwork. Do you need to keep all of it? Can you go paperless on things like bank statements and insurance policies?

Create piles:

Do - this needs action

Keep - Important information such as tax documents

Shred - Don’t need to keep

Scan documents you don’t need to keep in paper format. Google Drive is perfect for file storage. You can access from any device and use all of the other Google tools such as Gmail, Docs and Sheets (Word and Excel equivalents)

Donate any stationery you no longer need or use

Use digital “to do” lists to banish post it notes and papers full of tasks! iPhone Reminders, Evernote and Trello are all great free tools for noting tasks and the latter for tracking progress on them. Perfect for your move task list!

We hope you have found this blog post useful and can put into action some of our hints and tips. Alternatively, watch Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix, or check out her books for more inspiration!

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